I realised when thumbing through the articles I have written over the years that many of them are concerning accidents, and incidents. Some of them have been well publicised and other have only appeared briefly in the maritime press, or even as references in other articles or documents, and as is the way of the world these days, you only have to type a suitable phrase into Google and in one way or another the details of the accident will probably show up. We are fortunate as having the various august bodies carrying out the investigations, including the MAIB, the Marine Accident Investigation Branch, in UK, the US Coast Guard and the NSTBs (the National Transport Safety Boards) in America and Canada and the regulatory authorities which deal directly with the oil industry in America, UK and Norway. 

Hence I have been able to summarise many accidents in a way which I hope make them an easy read, since many of the formal investigation report are extremely detailed and their thoroughness make them difficult to access. Also there are some articles about accidents which have never been formally investigated, or the reports have not made it into the public domain, or in some cases the events are more or less current, and so I have chosen to attempt to provide information and opinion rather than waiting for the investigators to do their stuff. Typically I wrote about the Deepwater Horizon, the Costa Concordia and the El Faro as the information about them was becoming available.

Banner Photograph from the US Coast Guard of the Deepwater Horizon burning. 

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