The Havyard 844 LX Pacific Dove photographed in Brazilian waters in February 2017 by Jan Plug.

Prior to the latest oil price crash Swire Pacific who are an enormous shipping company, maybe rivalling Maersk Supply in numbers of craft out there, ordered eight biggish anchor-handlers from a Singapore shipyard. They are distinguished by having been fitted with a plethora of anchor-handling equipment on the deck to assist with its various activities. From the table below it can be seen that there is a lot of wire storage space and a medium availability of horsepower, and from this we can assume that the ships are built to move oil rigs. If you are wondering why very high horsepower ships have been developed at all, it is because they can be used for specific activities such as towing ploughs which are for trenching the seabed, and for locating anchors by being able to tension up a mooring using the ship's power alone. 

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Length OA 92.0 m Engines 4 x MAN Workdrum pull 500 t
Breadth 22.0 m BHP 17864 Capacity 1 13600m x 76mm
DWT 4300 mt kW 13135 Capacity 2 -
Deck area 650 m2 For'd Thruster 2 x 883 kW Towdrum pull 500 t
Fuel 1485 m3 Az Thruster 1 x 883 kW Capacity 1 7300m x 76mm
Pot water 1350 m3 Aft Thrusters 2 x 883 kW Capacity 2 -
Mud 860 m3 Bollard pull 210 t Sharks Jaw Karmforks
Brine 860 m3 DPII Converteam Cranes -
Dry bulk 230 m3 Joystick - Tank cleaning -
Year built 2013 Shipyard Drydocks World Berths 37
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