You have arrived at the new (in February 2016) Ships and Oil website, which is being developed in the way most sites are these days. It is a replacement for the old site which is still in existence but which is not being updated any more, because it is based on a Microsoft programme which has been pretty well out of date since 2003. The old site has been in existence since 1998, and has been developed on and off as time has allowed. It had a major upgrade in about 2013 when Microsoft withdrew support for the programme and so it was necessary for me to learn new stuff, which actually resulted in an improvement and gave me the opportunity of really making the borders work. For reasons which still anger me, an iMac upgrade the computer based source information disappeared...I'm getting bored already as I repeat this, and so I'll stop.

Below is a sample of a bit of the site, if you click on the photos you will be transported to the old site, but don't forget to come back.


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There is loads of information there but it is now frozen in time, and as I was starting to add information about laid up OSVs it went away. Laid up OSVs is a pretty major topic in this world, and I may or may not somehow get into that. One thing we can say is that many of us could see it coming as some companies built ships in multiple numbers.

But this site will contain information about OSV designs which I hope will be informative, and will publish the monthly newsletter currently also available by email, and I will l be including some articles from the past which hopefully will be of interest to visitors.  


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