The Ships and Oil website at has been in existence since 1998, predating almost all other marine websites and most of those operated by shipowners.

It consists of a number of subsections dealing with different aspects of the marine world as it relates to the offshore oil industry. One of the most popular areas is picture of the day. This started off as a snap taken of vessels coming and going and immediately put on line, but over time it has become a feature which at best is updated a couple of times a week, and shows photographs of offshore vessels all over the world contributed by our visitors. The next item to be developed was Ship Information, also using photos sent in by our contributors plus comprehensive details picked up where-ever they are available. At the 2014 upgrade we started separating off the different areas, dividing it between North Europe and the rest of the world.

Another constantly developing area has been the Features section which now contains many thousands of words relating to marine activities, lately concentrating on marine disasters, an area of particular interest to the writer, and finally what started off as News and Views, it is now going to be called the Newsletter or maybe the Ships and Oil Newsletter. And lastly the "Publications" page features the offshore industry books written by the compiler of this site.

Now in 2016 the site has changed and although the old one remains and can revisited and all the information thereon viewed, in this new world Ships and Oil has become a CMS - content management service, and hence it is being developed in a slightly different way. There's not much money in this, but if you are considering buying a book about marine support to the offshore industry consider the publications files.

Reviewing these words in 2018 I note that I have stopped publishing the newsletter, to the distress of some, I Have found out. I just got fed up with working to a schedule, but I still publish stuff as the mood takes me. I also note that there are very few places where my contact email is included so here it is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

If people email me I do answer, and if you send me photos of offshore activities I will publish them.


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