The UT 722 remains the best known offshore workhorse despite later and more elaborate designs, and here is one, the Skandi Fluminense built in Norway in 2006 but now flagged in Brazil. "What is it up to?" we might ask. It is difficult to tell, but instead of the usual Karmforks it is fitted with Triplex anchor handling gear, which arguably could be safer. There is an ROV at work somewhere beneath it and the end of what might be a mooring is held in the Triplex tong, although very unusually none of the chain visible on the deck, apart from the tail on the end of the work wire, is stud link.

Photograph taken in the Lulu Field offshore Brazil earlier this month by Jan Plug and posted here on 14th March 2017. (I realised on viewing the photo on line that we needed a close-up of the deck, so here it is.


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