I have been involved in the offshore business, mainly in the North Sea for nearly 40 years and was surprised to realize that I had been compiling safety cases and carrying out the associated risk assessments for twenty years in 2013.

Back in my early days I was a supply ship driver, really a person of no account. Mostly we went out there and did the job by the seat of our pants, in many cases guessing how to do it. The ships were low powered, vulnerable to damage and often operating at the limit of their capabilities. But by the mid 1980s the engine builders were producing higher power units which would fit under the decks and the designers were just a little less concerned about reducing windage and so life improved. But we still did the job with little or no guidance.

In order to remedy this situation I wrote a book –Supply Ship Operations – which was published by Butterworth Heinemann in 1991. This book is now in its third edition, but more importantly it was seen by a safety manager in 1993, who thought that I might be able to help with this safety case stuff. I have since written further books and contributed many articles to marine magazines. I continue to write and distribute a monthly newsletter and add new stuff to this site when I feel like it.


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